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I qualified as a clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner & Life-coach in 2004. Spiritual healing, Kinesiology and Bach Flower energy medicine followed. It was when I began working with clients that I realised I was receiving 'unseen' help.

I also realised that I must continue my own personal development and healing. This has been a continuous journey since the age of 15 actually when I experienced healing and learned how to channel healing in the church.

I deal with whatever comes up, whether in my own life or with clients. When I work with therapy clients on complex issues and situations, I use all my skills together.

I work from my heart centre and holistically and the world of Spirit gives an added dimension. With their help I normally get to the heart of any problem.

Often readings are a 'door opener' for clients who really want to heal and I can offer therapy when asked and if it is appropriate.

If you  are struggling with a situation in your life, use the email form to outline what you want to break through on and we will formulate a plan to resolve it. Everyone and every problem is unique so you may need more than one session.