Life Path coaching 90 minutes

$ 300.00

Have you ever experienced 'path blocks' where nothing makes sense and all your efforts have not produced what you hoped? Often people come to me at these times when everything seems to need re-writing. Or maybe you just cannot fathom relationships and want to transform your experience of love and deal with many painful experiences. Recurring problems can often be based in past lives, unfinished business or simply our life programming and what happened to us. This can be very difficult and challenging and at the same time wonderful because it means you have reached out to Spirit for help and now is the time to find the light switch. It takes time to transform your life (the important thing is to take the first step) and with Spirit's help I will get to the heart of the issue and help you find the open door so you can walk through it. I know because I have been there. As a healer, I use all my tools to begin lifting the layers of energy that have tied you down so that you can take control of your life.
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