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TV work

I began working on TV in the UK on Psychic Today (2013). 
I had my own live TV shows in Slovenia (2014) and was in the Psychic Challenge competition in the Ukraine (2015) where I finished second and did a number of psychic investigations/detective work.

Everything on my professional path just happened to me!

When I do mediumship it is to help loved ones to communicate, resolve and heal on both sides of the veil.

I always endeavour to give evidence, that is, to tell you or describe something that only you and your loved one would know.
I began calling spirits when clients would come to me with heartfelt grief and I simply asked Yehuda my spirit guide to help bring them through. 
There are no guarantees with this. It is all about the energetic connection between client, myself and the spirit we want to connect with. More often than not, loved ones are only too keen to communicate!
It is a very special mode of healing and a privilege.
Strange as it may seem, I never get used to the wonder of being able to do this. As a medium my work is with the unseen and giving messages takes courage and practise. 
Mediumship is not only about connecting with loved ones who have passed. I also work with my main guide Yehuda and the angels to pass all kinds of messages to clients about their life, loves, health and anything they need to know about!

I began using Tarot but now simply work with my spirit guides, crystal ball and pendulum. I also work psychically using telepathy to look into situations and relationship connections and clairvoyance for questions relating to the past or future. All mediums have their own style and mine has developed over the years. I work with Karma and past lives and anything that relates to the questions you ask in the time that we have. I use all the senses.