So many of you have asked about how I met Yehuda. Here is the story...

Most mediums work with guides. They can be a human soul that once lived or a spirit that has not walked on earth. They can change also. When I first began working, I had a Buddhist Monk. He had a name sounding like ‘Shwar’.

Since working over many years, I have come to know more than one guide and this is quite common. 

As mediums guides can have different roles.However my MAIN guide nowadays is Yehuda.

To tell you this story I will go back to the first EVER reading I had at age 15. My father had died and my sister (who was a great believer in these things) insisted on taking mother and I to see a СlairVoyant.She was an old lady and we had our reading in her sitting room.

She asked to take hold of my watch and gave me messages from my father which really helped me come to terms with the terrible loss. This is where it gets interesting, because she suddenly saw an enormous gold Star of David behind me. (As I am writing this I can feel Yehuda’s energy around me). I was born a Christian and this was the beginning of a fascinating journey.

My mother paid for me to go to the Holy Land with some other young people from the church I attended. Whilst in Israel, I had a deep spiritual experience and from that day I felt Jewish. I went on to spend a lot of time in Israel and learned the language and about Judaism. I could not figure out why I had this connection when I had been born a Christian.

Many years later in the UK, I had a reading with a medium and he saw a man with a black coat and a big hat around me. Then later I had more readings and the mediums all reported seeing this man. One day, quietly in my room, I asked: ‘who are you? What is your name?’ he answered ‘Yehuda’. I was shocked because surely he was a Jew. I remembered my first reading with the old lady and what she saw. So I began to connect with him directly. So began this journey with Yehuda.

However, there is more to this story. I have had many difficulties in my life and was always working to improve my mind. I had become a hypnotherapist. I am a very curious person, always learning and one day I went for some therapy. The therapist was doing a life audit and I soon discovered it was not only in this life!

I am familiar with Past Life Therapy and use it now to help many clients as problems in the past can affect our life today. I found this therapy easy and was able to see many past lives in great detail. One of the lives included Yehuda. I do not want to tell you all the details as it is painful for me. Just to say that we were a Jewish couple with two children. We were happy and Yehuda was important in the Jewish community. He was taken away and murdered and later I was also shot and our children were left in enemy hands. I could see it all so clearly. So I was able to see Yehuda and it made sense that he had come back to support and help me since we had such a strong connection.

So I continued working as a hypnotherapist, healer and psychic medium and I now knew who my main guide was!

A spirit guide is a mediator between the world of spirit and the medium. They are there to help, guide and protect. There is no human relationship between the medium and the guide for they are a spirit and unable to enter the earthly dimension as they did when on the earth plane.Occasionally I joke about Yehuda being my husband but that was in the past. Now he assists me in my work showing me things, connecting me with other spirits and so on.

Clients who are developing their psychic abilities often want to know who their guide is. I tell them not to stress about it but simply to ask them to reveal themselves. Some mediums tell clients who their guide is but I do not agree with that. Clients have to make that connection themselves and it needs to be confirmed. For example, Yehuda showed up in readings and tome personally. In fact I remember one day a client of mine came for some hypnotherapy. She was very psychic and she told me that she saw a man around me with a black had and peyote (long sideburns that Orthodox Jewish men wear).She described his face as warm and smiley. So that was further confirmation tome of his existence! I have also seen the face of Yehuda on my face in the mirror and he was just as she had described.

Thank you all for your keen interest in Yehuda. I am sure he is enjoying all the attention!