Yehuda my Spirit Guide

Mediums work with spirit guides

So many of you have asked about how I met Yehuda. 

Most mediums work with guides. They can be a human soul that once lived or a spirit that has not walked on earth. They can change also. When I first began working, I had a Buddhist Monk. He had a name sounding like ‘Shwar’.

Since working over many years, I have come to know more than one guide and this is quite common. 

As mediums guides can have different roles.However my MAIN guide nowadays is Yehuda.

How we met...

Many years ago the UK, I had a reading with a medium who saw a spirit man around me with black coat and big hat. 

In other readings I had from time to time, other mediums also saw the same man. One day, quietly in my room, I asked: ‘who are you? What is your name?’ he answered ‘Yehuda’. So began this journey, I had met my spirit guide!

I remember one day a client of mine came for some hypnotherapy. She was very psychic and she told me that she saw a man around me with a black hat. She described his face as 'warm and smiley'. So that was further confirmation to me of his existence! I have also seen the face of Yehuda on my face in the mirror and he was just as she had described.