Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions for bookings & appointments by phone, online or in person with Helen Bright Healer & Medium, known as 'Helen' for the purposes of this document.


Disclaimer: Please understand that Helen has the right to modify these terms & conditions at any time. You accept that any consultation with Helen is at your own risk and Helen accepts no liability for any outcome. 

  • When Helen gives messages and information from the world of Spirit, it is for entertainment purposes only. 
  • Helen will endeavour to work ethically and honestly at all times. 
  • Helen also expects honesty from clients, particularly at the time of booking. 
  • Helen invites & expects all clients to read these terms and conditions and privacy policy before payment is made. 
  • Helen will never share any of your personal contact details with third parties.



  • All appointments with Helen are paid in full beforehand in order to confirm the booking and it is the client's responsibility to read the terms and conditions & privacy policy before payment is made.
  • Clients must be aged 18 or over to use Helen's services.
  • Helen or any assistant will expect to receive courtesy and will give courtesy, abuse of any kind will not be tolerated whether on the phone, online or in person.
  • Prices may reviewed and amended by Helen from time to time. Discounts may be given at Helen's discretion to loyal clients. Any promotions will be displayed on her website or social media platforms.
  • Refunds are only given in exceptional circumstances at Helen's discretion.
  • Any helpful feedback or testimonial you give Helen after an appointment may be shared (using only your first name and city) for the purposes of educating people about Helen's work.
  • Therapy or healing appointments will require you to complete a client agreement prior to the appointment.
  • Children: Helen will use her skills to help children accompanied by their parents, at the parent's request but only at her discretion and accepts no liability for any misunderstandings or misinterpretation of any information or advice given.
  • Health: Helen is not a medical doctor and will refer you to your own doctor if your question about health is not suitable for her to answer.  
  • Important: If you are taking prescribed medication for depression for any mental illness, or receiving treatment from a psychiatrist or have done so in the past, you must disclose this at the time of booking as an appointment with Helen may not be appropriate.
  • Healings: are of a spiritual or energetic nature and may occur at any time as Spirit leads when Helen is with a client. You should not substitute healing for any medical treatment, nor should you expect a specific outcome. 
  • Helen reserves the right to refuse to see anyone whom she feels she is not qualified to help.
  • Helen does not give predictions about death or legal cases. If you have questions around situations like these you may discuss them and Helen may give you insights only at her discretion.
  • Business questions: Helen accepts no responsibility for any business decisions you may make or any other decisions as the result of advice or messages given.

  • Helen does not give any kind of information on behalf of relatives and friends or colleagues, only for the person who is present in the session.  
  • Appointments are not shared with someone else. One person at any one time – please make your requirements clear at the time of booking.
  • Helen will look at any situation or person that concerns the client (with the exceptions stated above) so long as it is reasonably for the purpose of helping the client and their well-being.
  • You agree of your own volition to accept or reject any message or teaching that Helen may give in the appointment that you requested, booked and paid for.
  • Messages from the unseen world of Spirit cannot be guaranteed for accuracy and are for entertainment purposes only. Any testimonials given are purely subjective to the giver's personal experience.  
  • Any information discussed during the appointment is confidential unless required by law.
  • Helen may keep confidential notes occasionally such as in coaching/therapy/healing sessions for the purpose of any follow up appointments and you may ask for a copy of them at any time.
  • Appointments may be recorded by the client at Helen's discretion for personal use only.

By reading these Terms & Conditions, you accept them and agree to abide by them. If there is anything you do not understand or any points you wish to raise then please write to Helen: helenbmedium@gmail.com