Frequently Asked Questions 

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Q: How can I book a consultation with Helen?

Contact Helen by sending a message on FB Messenger.

Q: Can we meet face to face or is it online?

Helen currently spends most of her time in South Sinai, Egypt. If you would like to see her face to face you may need to travel. However Helen is happy to connect with you on the phone, or on any the widely used apps like Facebook, Messenger, Viber or Google. Helen has Facetime as well on ipad. (Helen does travel to clients as well but that can be expensive).

Unfortunately, Skype does not work in Egypt.

Q: How do telephone and online readings work?

It is all about the energy and the connection you and Helen create. When you think of someone you create an energy line between you like an unseen phone wire. When you combine that with psychic intention you can gain a whole lot more. Some of Helen's best connections have been on the phone. On video you can see each other and that is an added dimension. Mediums can make connections with the unseen world and that says it all. Their guides are there to help. The simple act of making a phone or video call is amazing anyhow, so imagine how much more connection you can get with the spiritual aspect thrown in! The only advantage of a 'face to face' reading is that you get a free hug from Helen.

Q: What about payment?

  • When you have decided how long you need and made an appointment with Helen, you can pay with any card that has the Visa sign using the PayPal button on the top of Helen's home page (you do not need a PayPal account).
  • If you live in the UK you can pay direct to her bank account in the UK, thus saving PayPal processing fees.
  •  Payment is required before the appointment.
  • Face to face payments are normally accepted in cash.

Q: How often should I have a reading?

  • It's a good question. The rule of thumb is that if you feel you need a reading, you probably do.
  • It is not a good idea to keep having readings to go over the same situations hoping that someone else will say what you need to hear.
  • It is wise to recognise that some readers specialize, so you may like to use different readers for different situations, just do it wisely so that you are not confused by lots of different answers.

Q: I am under 18, is it ok to have a reading?

  • Helen does not give readings to young people under age unless accompanied by a consenting parent.

If I have a reading can my family be there?

  • It is fine to have a friend with you, particularly to help you remember what was said afterwards.
  •  Helen will read for the person who has booked and paid for the reading.
  • If family are present, Helen will be pleased to meet them, but does not want any distractions while she is reading so take some quiet space for yourself and get the most out of it.

Q: What about confidentiality?

  • All consultations are confidential unless you decide or give permission for Helen to share your story.
  • If Helen decides to share case studies for teaching purposes, such as in a class, within a blog or video, she would not mention any names and vary the scenario so as to make it unrecognisable. From her days as a therapist, Helen still maintains professional standards.
  • If you had a situation where were unable to disclose basic information, Helen would work with that to the best of her ability. Her guides and the angels would know what you were referring to.

Caveat: if you were engaged in criminal activity or were suicidal Helen may have to break this rule.

Q: How should I prepare for my appointment with Helen?

  • Check you have realistic expectations.
  • Have a clear Idea of what you feel you need to know or understand.
  • Be relaxed and open to receive.
  • Don't be anxious, Helen is a healer and wants to help and so does Spirit!
  • Don't feed Helen with lots of information up front. Instead allow Spirit to speak to you.
  • When Helen gives messages and evidence from the other side; answer 'yes' 'no' or 'maybe'. You will have ample opportunity to ask for further explanation.
  • Do take notes or record (for your own recollection).  
  • Do give us your feedback afterwards so Helen can ensure she deliver the best possible service!

Q: Your questions?

  • If you have a lot of questions, it helps to make a note of them so that you remember to ask them.
  • Helen will ask what you want her to focus on in your reading i.e. love, work, future. Only to make sure she can meet your requirements.

Q: Can Helen help just about anyone?

  • Helen is used to helping with a many kinds of questions and situations. If Helen feels she cannot help, then she will do her utmost to point you in the direction of someone who can.

Will Helen be able to connect with me in order to give clear answers?

  • Having decided what you want to know, remember that spiritual workers can only give what they receive psychically or from the world of spirit.
  • The best connections happen when clients are open, ready to receive and trust the medium.
  • In order to explain this further, here are a few common situations that can affect all spiritual workers' ability to connect with clients:-

1. Client wants to connect to a spirit of their choosing:

  • Mediums are not telephone exchanges! If you as the client had a good connection with the person who passed in life, it is more likely that they will come forward from the world of spirit.

2. Client has come for a specific answer that they want to hear:

  • If you are set on receiving the answer you want to hear you may be disappointed and your fixed mind may block the connection. Spiritual messages are not like ordering take out!

3. Client has come to judge the spiritual workers to see if they were accurate:

  • If you had a bad experience with another reader or you are nervous, tell Helen at the time of booking. You need to feel comfortable with any reader or you will not establish a good connection or outcome.
  • Unfortunately, there are people who have the attitude 'let's see how good this reader is' Helen does not read for negative people and does not like time-wasters!
  • Helen does not tolerate rudeness at all!

4. Client consults many other practitioners for the same problem: 

  • If you have a situation that is painful and cannot face up to it, or cannot find the answers you need it can be because you need therapy rather than a reading. It can be counter-productive to keep spending money on readings.

Q: How does Helen work?

  • Helen's working style has evolved over the years. She began in Camden, London using Tarot as one of her tools for some years. However, as a medium, Helen does not really need to use anything at all. Then when she was working on various TV stations, she was expected to do things in various formats and learned that messages and knowledge come in a variety of ways. Today she works with her guides and the angels and takes her lead from them.
  • One of her particular skills is Psychometry. She will feel the energy from a photo or object that belongs to a particular person she is reading for.
  • Helen also reads crystal ball and uses all the psychic and mediumistic skills at her disposal.
  • Another ability Helen has had since childhood, is reading people's energy, particularly via the eyes. Provided you are open, she can usually tell you what is happening to you and what you are struggling with on many levels.
  • She sees, hears and feels, can look into the future or the past. She is often asked to look at people in workplaces and relationships and tunes into that person's energy only for the purposes of unraveling a problem for the client or helping them to heal.
  • Helen never does any magic or witchcraft of any kind and endeavours to respect all and do no harm.

Q: Will Helen tell me everything or hold some things back?

  •  Helen works with light and truth. As a healer first and everything else second, she will attempt to convey messages with love and positive encouragement.
  • Known for her compassion, she will deliver messages and insights with sensitivity where possible. Helen will not hold back on anything.
  • Helen is NOT a fortune teller, nor will she tell you when you or anyone else will die. She does make predictions when Spirit shows her.

Q: I feel like my life is cursed. Can Helen relieve me of dark energy?

  • It depends what type of energy you are dealing with and where it generated from.
  • Many people come to Helen with these questions.
  • It can be Karmic with past life issues; if the person has been associated with or did anything 'dark' in the past like magic or witchcraft, or if someone you were associated with did something to you.
  • It can involve generational curses or vows you have made internally (cursing yourself inadvertently).
  • Helen will normally be able to shed light into the situation and give you the skills to help yourself as well as helping you to resolve negative energy.
  • However some situations may require her to refer you to a specialist. It is best to mention this at the time of booking .

Q: I am in a bad relationship can Helen help?

  • Helen will give you clarity and help you deal with any Karma or past life issues in the area of relationships. If a relationship is harming you then you may need to take appropriate steps to move on from that relationship. As a medium Helen will work with you to help manage your relationship journey.

Q: As a healer, can Helen help me get well?

  • Many people come to Helen with health concerns or with worries about children and family members. Helen works holistically and is not a medical doctor. However some conditions that show no medical reason are rooted in the psyche (mind) and some are the result of emotional pain or energetic imbalances.
  • Helen can give spiritual healing and help you to resolve your inner turmoil and this in turn should have a positive effect on your body.  
  • Additionally, Helen will help you self-heal and give you suggestions to help yourself. Healing is a journey and takes time.
  • It is important to understand that healing happens in it's own way. Sometimes it is very subtle but over time you notice the changes and feel happier. You have to become involved in the process.

Q: Does Helen help people with depression or other mental illness?

  • Helen has a great deal of compassion for those who suffer in this way. She has also had bouts of depression in the past and many traumatic experiences. 
  • There are many types of depression. It is a requirement at the time of booking that you are honest about it so that Helen can decide if her help would be appropriate.
  • Helen is not a medical doctor or mental health professional and is not responsible for your condition or outcomes.
  • All clients consult Helen on an entirely voluntary basis.

Q: What did Helen do before working as a healer and medium?

  • Helen worked as a personal assistant to some of the top London medical specialists for over 20 years. In 2003, Helen re-trained as a clinical hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner (Neuro-linguistic Programming) and life-coach.

Helen also has certificates in the following therapies:

  • Reiki Master Teacher
  • Spiritual healing
  • Kinesiology
  • Bach Flower remedy energy medicine 

Q: Does Helen belong to any professional organisations?

  • Helen used to belong to the General Hypnotherapy Register and the British Institute of Hypnotherapy & NLP, but since she is not always in the UK, they are not valid. However, Helen maintains a high standard of professionalism.
  • She applies the same ethical working practises now as she did then as a therapist and healer and is very protective towards clients.

Q: What if I have questions after the reading?

  • Helen is happy to keep in touch, on Messenger. She will tell you if she thinks your question needs further one on one time with her.
  •  You can subscribe to her blogs and YouTube channel.
  • We have tried to cover all frequently asked questions: please contact us if you have a question not covered here

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