What clients say

These testimonials are taken from Helen's client guest book when she was in Ukraine after the 'Battle of the Extrasensories' TV show and are translated in English. (Not everyone filled in dates or family names. The original book is with Anna in Kiev, Ukraine). See my reviews on Facebook @helenbrightlondon.

Valentina 27.1.16

I really thank Helen that she came to Ukraine and try to help me with her advice. I thank God that we have such people like Helen. I wish her health and patience that she can help many people and that she will stay as beautiful as she is.


Natalia 27.1.16

I am really glad to meet Helen that she shows me many new things in my life that I did not know. Helen is from God. She is really good. I wish her health, happiness, energy for many years and to stay so beautiful and young.



Helen I am really grateful for your help. You are a great person. There are no words to express how I feel, I only want to tell you thank you so much. I wish you a long and happy life.


Viola 28.1.16

Helen thank you so much I wish you good health.


Tatiana from Harkev

Dear Helen. From my soul I really thank you and thanks for good emotions. Thank you for your help with my problems and questions. I really thank you for your assistance with Lyudmilla Dimitri and Alexander! They work very well.


Svetlana, Kiev

Thanks for your help Helen, you helped me to solve problems that depressed me. Thank you for your support. I wish you peace and happiness. Helen you are really beautiful!



Thank you from the whole family! God must give you health, and may all your dreams come true.


Dear Helen (anon)

I am very grateful and sometimes so happy to have such a chance to meet you. Now I know where my place is in this life and how to get there. You gave me power and hope. You are an amazing woman with big and kind heart. I thank God that he gave us such people. Also thanks to your team. 


Tamilla (Kiev) 03.02.16

I really thank Helen. I feel full of emotions. Thanks for help with my questions and problems. Thanks to your team!



Dear Helen I am so thankful for your help and for those positive moments with you. You are a wonderful person and gorgeous woman. I have so many emotions and impressions while communicating with you. I am so glad to know you and I wish you much happiness. Hugs and kisses.


Ivana (Kiev) 05.02.16

Thanks Helen I am really pleased I got all my questions answered. You really have a good soul. I really appreciate the knowledge that you gave me.


Lydia 05.02.16

Big thanks beautiful Helen for the meeting. When the talent that God gave you can help people it brings big happiness. Thank you for your help and support. You gave me power, strong woman make me strong. I love you Helen.


Tanya and Vladimir 09.02.16

Thanks for the meeting Helen and good communication. All my hopes become true. I really pleased that everything in my life will be okay. Thank you for good emotions.

 Svetlana Kiev

Thanks for your help Helen. You helped to explain some things that I was worried about. A lot of things became clear. Thank you for your support and direction. Helen you are very beautiful.

 Tatiana V

Thank you very much for your help. I wish you all the best – you are the best!


Thank you from all our family. I wish all your dreams to come true and for your good health.


Thank you Helen I have all my questions answered – especially the most important one about a new job.


Dear Helen I am very grateful and happy that I had the chance to meet you. Now I know my place in this life and how to get there. You gave me power and hope. You are an amazing woman with a deep and kind heart. I thank God for you. Thank you to your team as well.


Thank you very much Helen for your help. You answered all my questions. 

 Tamilla 3.2.16

Thank you Helen. A lot of emotions, impressions and thanks for helping me with my questions and problems. Thanks also to your team for their responsible attitude to this job. I wish you continued success. 

 Ivanna Kiev 5.2.16

Helen thank you very much. I have very pleasant impressions. I got all my questions answered. I am incredibly thankful! Helen has an incredibly lovely soul. I am very grateful to communicate with her especially getting so much useful information.

 Lidiya 5.2.16

I am very grateful to beautiful Helen for this meeting. When talent is given by God to help people like this it brings incredible happiness. Thank you for your advice, support and realisation of my dreams. You gave me strength and self-belief. You are a strong woman and inspired me to be the same. I love you Helen. 

 Valentina from Lyviv 24.2.16

Dear Helen. Meeting with you was like a gift from God! After our conversation I feel I have wings! I feel warm from your big heart and beautiful soul! I believe that everything will be okay.

 Lidiya Lyviv 24.2.16

Thank you Helen for your sensitivity, compassion and teaching. It was so good for me to listen to you and I expect that I will do better now and improve my health.


Thank you and your team for help to live positively in the future.