Anna has worked with Helen for two years and is based in Kiev Ukraine. She is a wife and mother and also teaches English. Anna will interpret in Russian or Ukrainian for clients that require it.

Helen says: ''It simply isn't possible for me to speak to everyone personally and Anna does a wonderful job since she knows me so well and works with me to deliver a great service and to look after my clients with complete dedication.''

Helen, you are a beautiful woman and an amazing healer and medium!

I am very glad that our paths crossed and I started working with you. I believe there is a special connection between us.

I hadn't known anything about you and hadn't looked for a job that time when one evening I got a request to work as interpreter for you for only 2 weeks. When I agreed I couldn't believe I would become your personal assistant and very good friend of you from the very beginning of our meeting.

Helen, you are kind, honest and generous. You have very big soul and heart full of love and compassion to everybody. People come to you with so many different kinds of problems and you help them to find a solution and return belief in themselves. It's unbelievable what you can do with God's and Yehuda's help!

You are the best boss I've ever had! I appreciate our friendship, your support and care. I am very happy to be a part of your team!

Thank you so much! Anna