How do I help clients heal?

I have some idea of what you may be going through...

I wouldn't say I had the worst life by any means. There will always be somebody who has had to endure more.
I was the adult child of an alcoholic, had no self esteem, believed I was ugly, fat and stupid until around the age of 30. I had begun my own healing journey as young as aged 15, though it took many years of hard work to find myself and heal. I had three failed marriages and many relationships, looking for true love. I suffered childlessness and depression to the point of suicide. I felt alone a lot of the time and a misfit, largely because I was deeply psychic and sensitive. I experienced trauma and loss of loved ones, illnesses that no-one could explain and overcame PTSD into the mix.
I learned compassion and not to judge others...

A colleague once said ''people get healed by just being around you''.

Whatever you are going through you are not alone...

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I was told that my number one focus should be healing

Years ago as I began to awaken, mediums would give me messages and the repeating theme was that I would be a healer first and that mediumship would be among my tools. They were right!

A survivor who found healing for myself first

There is a saying:: ''healer heal thyself.'' I have always been guided and taught by Spirit. I learned I must always deal with whatever comes up and have practised self-healing (finding solutions and restoration) since the age of 15 when I first experienced healing for the first time. Since, I have been led to do various courses in Spiritual healing, Reiki and other healing therapies. When I have any problem I go to Spirit and the angels. They always help me find the answers I need. I help clients find a way to do this. 

Mediumship, the greatest form of healing

I have heard people say that mediumship is the greatest form of healing. If they are referring to the fact that we can link loved ones who have passed to Spirit with the ones they leave behind, with evidence I suppose it is pretty amazing! However I think of it as an amazing ability to tap into the resources of the Spirit world for healing and virtually anything we need to help us along our journey. There are many ways to heal and I have tended to specialise in the mind and emotions rather than physical healing. In my own life I know that many of my illnesses have been rooted in my mind and emotions. Mental and emotional distress is known to affects the body enormously. In my own life, I have found that my body healed itself once I sorted out the emotional pain with Spirit's help.

Spirit leads & drives me

Spirit gives me the work and I do it. I use my common sense of course! However, I learned to really listen and meditate regularly at a young age and continue to keep that close connection.

Passionate about paying it forward

I have so much to be thankful for and want to share my knowledge and experience with others. To help them find a brighter reality, to survive the pain and tap into positive energies and make a difference.