Helen Bright Medium & Healer

Compassionate Heart

It's no accident that you connected with me today...

Time after time clients say ''thank you Helen'' and I say ''thank you to Spirit.''
I never know exactly what will happen until it happens, but my strong intention is that you find what you need and want with bonuses!

''Helen showed me a lot of insight and gave more than I expected. Wanted to stay with her all day. She also gave me healing and knew exactly what I needed without me saying anything! I would recommend anyone to see Helen. Fantastic!'' Michelle, London

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What can I expect in an appointment with Helen? 

What are your questions? NO details please!

We ask what you want, in order to check I am the right person to help you and to ensure there will be ample time for your questions. Check out my FAQs page for more details about types of questions to ask if you are unsure. 
Important: if you give me details, it will be harder to separate the spirit messages from my own mind and I do not want to fill my head but keep a clear channel!  This is known as 'Feeding the Medium' and not allowed.

I begin with an empty mind for Spirit to fill

When we connect for your appointment, I am switched on, tuned in with an open channel. I ask Spirit ''please bring forward everything this person needs right now!''
I will look at your energy and begin by reading your eyes. My guides bring through messages and you will say 'yes' 'no' or 'maybe.'
Some things will make sense and others will dovetail into the whole reading (or even afterwards). My guides and the angels may bring forward loved ones from the world of spirit and information that you were not expecting that can often reassure and heal. 

Have no fear

All I need from you is to be relaxed an open-minded. If you tense up, it affects your energy and I may not be able to get through. This is your time to receive! Last minute questions about how I read can be cleared up before we begin and there will be ample time when we have heard from Spirit to go into your questions in more detail.

Read what people say about my work

I invite you to read what clients say about my work and their experiences. I have been a professional Medium for over a decade and a healer well before that. If you are struggling right now, feeling sad or your life is complex and you need clarity, let's get to work. Message us, write to me or call and let me and my team help you find some relief! Talk to us.